About Our Dance Studio

Starlight Ballroom and Dance Center has stood for excellence in dance for this area for the past 17 years. Each with more than 25 years experience, Jose and Beatrix Isaac bring their passion for dance and for living to a community that they have a deep, meaningful relationship with.

In 1984, along with daughters, Michelle and Rachel; Jose and Beatrix relocated to Leesburg Florida where they successfully owned and operated a Fred Astaire Dance Franchise until 1992, when they introduced Starlight Ballroom & Dance Center.

Today, Starlight Ballroom & Dance Center are recognized as one of the finest dance studios in the country. Year after year, their teachers rank in the top five teachers in the country as determined by the national Dancesport Competitions. A mix of social and competitive dancing manages to give their students the most advanced teaching and training regimen for dancing excellence.

Starlight Ballroom & Dance Center is all about community. The students and the teachers form a close-knit family, enjoying regular social gatherings and group outings together that goes way beyond teacher-student interaction. The staff of Starlight also care deeply for the community they live and work in. The Starlight owners and staff are regular fixtures at many of the area's community fundraising events, going the extra mile for local charities.

The future holds many bright spots for Starlight Ballroom & Dance Center, yet, no matter how big they grow, they'll always keep the individual's needs first.